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Future Directions

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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Enhance the effectiveness of administrative implementation, strengthen the quality of service to the public.


  • Promote the electronic document exchange of administrative enforcement orders, expand the scope of application of electronic enforcement certificates, and continue to process new cases within the case management system, and develop and build a "data exchange platform" to enhance enforcement efficiency. Continuously promote various convenient payment measures, such as virtual accounts, credit card payments and electronic payments, to increase the obligors' voluntary payment rate and enhance the quality of services to the public. Promote cross-agency collaborative liaison and project execution, so as to enhance enforcement efficacy.
  • Commit to procedural justice and improve enforcement procedures. Take the initiative in caring for the disadvantaged and provide leniency measures to assist them in becoming self-reliant. Take strong enforcement measures in cases of large outstanding debts; make good use of means such as seizure of deposits, attachments, auction of personal and real properties, restrictions on leaving the country, court petitions for arrest or detention, and issue orders prohibiting living beyond the usual level of ordinary people, so as to compel the obligors to fulfill their legal obligations to pay, and realize social fairness and justice.
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