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Our Service Executive Summary

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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White paper on service to people





I. Preface:


    The New Taipei Branch Administrative Enforcement Agency previously known as the Banciao Branch Administrative Enforcement Agency was established on January 1st ,2001. The branch is a government agency that handles monetary payment obligation of the citizens with respect to public law. According to public law, those who defaults on payments of monetary obligations passing the due date is due processed by the court via strict order, where the case is transferred to various Administrative Enforcement Agency branches. Afterwards, the administration can implement laws, and legal actions can be taken to ensure payments are met. Procedures are followed according to statues such as the Administrative Enforcement Act and related administrative rules.

    In 2012, the Executive Yuan underwent internal restructure, the Banciao Branch was renamed to The New Taipei Branch Administrative Enforcement Agency of Ministry of Justice and its jurisdiction scope includes 13 districts of the New Taipei City. The purpose of establishing such office is to boost administrative execution ability and increase government tax revenues. All together we look to advocate the public authority, implant prestige and reliance of national administration in order to create an unprejudiced and law-abiding social environment.



II. Our sincere service for you:


1. To Create a Comfortable Environment for Our Visitors


(1)Maintaining a clean and ideal surrounding

Keeping office space neat and tidy by cleaning and waxing on a regular basis. Place pot plants to support greener and more appealing public surroundings, thus creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

(2)Complete Service Facilities


Information counter:

Professional personnel for service and guideline, we also provide pen, paper, presbyopia glasses and wheelchairs for the public in need.


Waiting and resting area:

Sittings, readings, drinking water and free Wi-Fi (iTaiwan) are provided to the general public.


Marked signs service area:

Clearly marked signs for each department and public service area.

2. Service-rendering measures


Construct a bilingual environment such as English name cards, signs and brochures that gives convenience to foreigners


Each name tag of the agent is clearly marked


Clearly marked operation flow chart to shorten the time of application process


Coordinate with case-transferred agency and payment collection agency to execute business; setting up a one-stop window to shorten operation procedures.


The branch’s official website provides the public with a better understanding of our related service information such as introduction of administration business, related regulations, updated newsletters and e-bulletin.

3. Promptly handles the publics’ pleading and petition cases



The branch has a complaints managing procedure and will accept and handle publics’ general criticisms and complaints at any time.


When facing a complaint either by phone or in person, answering division must calmly try to solve problem and provide reasonable explanation in order to placate the publics’ complaints.


After receiving complaints through either letter, phone or e-mail the handling division must keep a record and respond through writing within seven business days.


File, manage, trace and assess of all the petitions.


Set up of mailbox, special line and email in order to accept constructive criticism.


Provide the public comment form, interview form and questionnaire


Analyze investigation results regularly and handle different cases depending on situations, and then send to units concerned for reference and improvement.



III. Service Principles:


1. Prudence:

We take every service case seriously, regardless of its size, and take the initiative to offer the public convenient services. We think in the shoes of the concerned party and help to find an acceptable solution.


2. Professionalism:

Our staffs are required to study relevant rules and regulations so they may answer questions raised by the concerned party in a timely and satisfactory manner.


3. Two-way Communication:

We perform our jobs with sincere and friendly attitude. We follow the law to the fullest extent and try our best to meet lawful requests of the concerned party. We turn down unlawful requests of the concerned party in a respectful manner after an explanation is given.


4. Empathy:

Understanding the feeling of the concerned party, we painstakingly answer his/her questions. We listen to the complaints patiently and offer explanations when there is a misunderstanding of the law.



IV. Our Service direction:


1. Set a simplified service flow chart.

2. Set a clear complaints handling flow chart.

3. Set a speedy public pleading and petition handling flow chart.



V. Service Prospect:


    We uphold the idea of enterprise management, obtaining maximum effects and benefits with minimum costs in order to reach the goal of the branch. Additionally, we expect to establish an idea of new agency with new culture aiming at incorruption, efficacy and friendliness, while stressing "Open Door “and “Goal management” policies, treating the public with high importance and provide highly-effective service quality. Moreover, we are willing to learn modestly in providing service to the public through innovated attitude. Your suggestions on our service measures, enforcement procedures and administrative innovation are welcomed any time.


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