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Q&A: Archive application

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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Q&A: Archive application


Q1.Which files can one apply to use in this branch?

A:Public usage files collected under the Archives Act (Such as: Deferred arrears, files of care for vulnerable groups, files of execution program, etc.).


Q2. How to find the catalogs of archives of various agencies?

A:The catalogs of archives of various agencies can be found on the archives administration's website “Navigating Electronic Agencies’ Records (NEAR)”  (link: https://near.archives.gov).


Q3.Who can apply for file usage from this branch?

A:The general public, for-profit enterprises, government organizations, or their authorized agents and appointees may apply for usage of files and data in accordance with the regulations for the application of file usage in this branch.


Q4.Is there an age limit to apply for an application?

A:The age limit for applying for file usage is actually a question of whether minors can apply for usage. It involves issues such as capacity and the exercise of rights. Since the Archives Act did not clarify, the relevant provisions of the Administrative Procedure Law and Civil Code should be applied, which states that minimum age to apply are 20-year-old adults.


Q5.How to apply for file usage from this branch?

A:Submit a written application in advance(in person or by mail).


Q6.How to get the usage application file from this branch?

A:Available at the branch service counter or download the "File Usage Application" from the website of this branch.


Q7.What is the timetable for the reply from the branch office to the application of the file usage?

A:Decided within 15 days from the date of receipt of the application; (If there are irregularities or incomplete information, it will be counted from the date of the applicant's correction). It may be extended if necessary. However, the extension shall not exceed 15 days, and the applicant shall be notified of the review result in writing.


Q8.When are the files of this branch open for viewing, hand-copying or photocopying?

A:Applications times are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 11.30 am and from 2 pm to 4.30 pm. Weekends and national holidays are not open to the public.


Q9.Where are the files that are open for viewing, hand-copying or photocopying located at?

A:The  files that are available for viewing, hand-copying or photocopying are all located in the "file application area" of this branch office. You can also check the file directory in the "File Application Zone" of this branch.



Q10.Can applicants bring assistants to the reading place together? Does the accompanying person charge a fee?

A:In regards to additional fees for accompanying assistants, for those that do need accompanying assistants  to be in the reading room, he/she should apply in advance and get approval before the assistant can enter the reading place. As the assistants are not independent applicants, there is no additional charge.


Q11.What are the fees for reading, hand-copying or photocopying files in this branch?

A:1. Black and white copy: B4 (inclusive) or smaller costs NTD$ 2  per page. A3 size costs NTD$ 3 per page. 2. Other charges are based on the fee schedule for copying files set by the Archives Administration.


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