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Background and history of The New Taipei Branch

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    The New Taipei Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency was established on January 1st, 2001. It was formally known as the Banciao Branch until an

organizational reform took place on January 1st, 2012. The jurisdiction scope of The New Taipei Branch encompasses13 districts ,which includes Banciao, Sanchong,

Zhonghe, Yonghe, Xinzhuang, Tucheng, Luzhou, Shulin, Yingge, Sanxia, Wugu, Taishan, and Linkou.






    This branch is responsible for any unsolved financial and fine payable cases passed on by various local courts (Taiwan Taipei District Court, Taiwan Shilin District

Court, Taiwan Banciao District Court, and Taiwan Keelung District Court) ,and also cases transferred from other agencies according to the related administration regulations.With hefty number of cases to be executed, this branch focuses on exemplifying cooperation management strategy to pursue cost minimization while maximizing its efficiency to sustain development in the long haul. And using the least number of labors and resources available, we aim to create the most beneficial and effective accomplishments. Moreover, to our belief ,by ensuring inflow of payables to the government are realized, and assuring justice is served with respect and fairness to the rights of the general public, we shall see a surge in the collection of government’s tax revenue and rising performance of administrative work.





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