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Organization and Functions

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The New Taipei Branch is structured with a director who oversees all branch activities at the top. Underneath the director lays the First Division, Second Division, Secretariat, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Statistics Office and Civil Service Ethics Office.


Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure 


(The hierarchy graph above depicts the general organizational structure of the Enforcement Agency of New Taipei Branch)

Description of Task and Responsibility  

Enforcement Unit

  1. Executing coordinating & communicating all obligatory payment cases with relate to Public Law.
  2. Supervising & reviewing all obligatory payment cases relate to Public Law.
  3. Reviewing & handling objections raised by obligors with relate to Public Law.
  4. Handling & executing application of detention with relate to Public Law.
  5. Handling all other obligatory payment matters with relate to Public Law.


  1. Researching, documenting, archiving, property management, cash handling & custody of official seal.
  2. All communication affairs & Media related affairs.
  3. Other matters not belonging to other sections or units.

Personnel Office

      Handling all HR affairs in the Agency. 

Accounting Office

   Handling all accounting related affairs in the Agency.

Statistics Office

      Handling all statistics related affairs in the Agency.

Civil Service Ethics Office

      Handling & monitoring all affairs in the Agency.


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