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May obligor pay off the fee by using a credit card (or mobile payment) upon arrival at the Executive Office New Taipei branch?

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  • Last updated:2023-06-16
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Due to the consideration of obligor's convenient, we have provide variety of methods for obligor to remit payment easily when visit us on site.

Credit card payment service:

Starting from January, 01, 2016. New Taipei branch is cooperated with NCCC offering credit card processig service, this service allow obligor who carry a valid credit card to pay off fee at the cashier's department. This service eliminating obligor's inconvenience of going back and forth to financial institutions or bring cash to our office. Under any circumstance that the credit card is not owned by the obligor, obligor may still use it while the current credit card holder is present on site along with obligor. Additional fee may be charged by your bank, for detail, please refer to the following link: Pay by Credit Card.

Mobile payment:

In order to facilitate payment and to usher in the era of mobile payment, in addition to paying cash on the spot, credit card, and iPass to pay at the counter, purchasing the bill of exchange at post offices and mailing to pay, paying at four major convenient stores or designated financial institutions with the payment notice with barcode (payment notice), AEA also allows paying the payment at the counter with your smartphone. [Currently, AEA accepts Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay (Android Pay), Taiwan Pay]. Please feel free to use these payment methods at your wills.

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