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In the joint auction held in January 113 (2024), the total winning bid amounted to NT$21.72 million.

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In January 2024, a joint auction held by the New Taipei Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency successfully auctioned various items, including automobiles and real estate, with a total bid amount of NT$21.72 million.

On January 2, 2024, the New Taipei Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency held a joint auction. Several items were successfully auctioned, including a building located on Da'an Road in Shulin District, which attracted bids from four groups, ultimately being sold for NT$21.608 million, with a premium of 22.7%. The total auction proceeds for the day amounted to NT$21,722,608, providing a significant boost to the national treasury.

At 10 a.m. on the same day, a 2015 TOYOTA VIOS car was auctioned. This vehicle, with outstanding taxes and fines exceeding NT$110,000, required settlement before ownership transfer could be processed. Five bidders participated, with the winning bid set at NT$49,000.

In the afternoon at 3 p.m., the auction proceeded with real estate properties, including a building on the 4th floor on Da'an Road in Shulin District, comprising three parking spaces, totaling approximately 101.36 ping (about 334.89 square meters). With a starting price of NT$17.6 million and being the second auction, four groups participated in the bidding, resulting in a winning bid of NT$21.608 million, with a premium of 22.7%. Additionally, a vacant lot measuring 9.6 ping (about 31.68 square meters) and representing a 1/40 share in the alley of Qiaozhong 1st Street in Banqiao District was auctioned for NT$73,600 due to neighboring landowners' interest in using the land.

Unfortunately, one bidder's bid for an apartment on Central Road in Tudigang District was invalidated due to an error in the guarantee deposit check, which was addressed to the New Taipei District Court. Other properties, including buildings in Sanxia District and apartments in Linkou District, received no bids. The New Taipei Branch will schedule further auctions for these properties and encourages the public to stay updated through their official website.

For those interested in investing in movable or immovable properties, please pay close attention to the auction information provided by the New Taipei Branch. Information about upcoming auctions and procedures for real estate communications bidding can be found on the New Taipei Branch's official website , under the "Auction Zone" section, where relevant auction announcements and instructional materials are available.

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